• Flour Bluff Intermediate students taking part in Junior Naturalist program

Flour Bluff Intermediate Electives & Extracurricular Activities

At the Intermediate, we have a lot to do- check out information on our electives, extracurricular activities and clubs below!

Flour Bluff Intermediate Band

The beginning of the Hustlin’ Hornet Band Tradition starts with the Sixth Grade Band. We help students decide on an instrument that is best suited for the student. In addition, students learn the basics such as instrument assembly, notes, how to read music, rhythm, and explore various styles of music. Students also learn music theory, history and appreciation. Practice outside of class is a major part of what we do. The Flour Bluff Intermediate Band holds two public concerts a year and numerous performances on campus throughout the school year.

Flour Bluff Intermediate Choir

The Choir program at the Intermediate is the beginning of a fine Choral music program offered at Flour Bluff Independent School District. Becoming a part of the Choir program can lead to a lifetime of musical fun and enjoyment. Choir is an elective for students who enjoy singing and performing. In the Intermediate Choir program, students sing many different types of music-from pop to classical In addition, students learn to sight-sing using solfeggio and Curwen hand signs. They also perform various concerts throughout the school year including fall, holiday and spring concerts. Students also perform around the community during the month of December.

Flour Bluff Oceans Program

The Oceans Program is a hands-on elective in environmental science that gives students an overview of the marine environment and relationships within it. In addition, it teaches students how to collect, identify and classify marine life, and to provide students an opportunity to compare/contrast body structures of animals in relation to function, classification, and adaptation.

General Music (Kaleidoscope I & II)

In General Music (Kaleidoscope) students are introduced to the Orff instruments available in the classroom and will have an opportunity to play the various instruments throughout the semester. In addition, students are taught how to read music in the treble and bass clef and how to perform independently using accurate intonation, rhythm and performance techniques.

Spanish Cultural Arts

Spanish Cultural Arts offer students an opportunity to begin communicating in a foreign language, in a natural and enjoyable environment, before choosing one language to study further. The program also introduces students to the colorful Hispanic culture through fiestas, community guests, music, and art projects.


Animal Care Club – Ms. Doyle and Mr. Strain
Art Club – Mrs. Pinkus and Mrs. Augsburger
Chess – Mrs. Sherrod
Coding Club – Mrs. Anderson
Drama Club – Mrs. Cotter and Mrs. Graham (1st Semester)
Go Green Club – Ms. Doyle, Mrs. Calasso and Mr. Marley
Helping Hands Club – Dr. Alvarado
Intermediate Live – Mrs. Knezek
Junior Master Naturalist – Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Ainbinder
Robotics – Mrs. Graham (2nd Semester)
Running Club – Mr. Groza and Ms. Yerush
Student Council – Mrs. Beauregard (5th) and Ms. Beauregard (6th)
Yearbook – Mrs. Augsburger
Academic Team – UIL Categories
Calculator – Mr. Marley
Chess – Mrs. Sherrod
Dictionary – Mrs. Laza
General Mathematics – Mr. Marley
History – Mr. Chambers
Maps, Graphs and Charts – Ms. B. Edwards
Music Memory –  Mrs. Dow
Number Sense – Mr. Marley
Oral Reading – Mrs. Calasso
Ready Writing – Mrs. Laza
Science – Mrs. Majek
Spelling – Mrs. Moss
Science Fair
6th Grade Science Fair – Dr. Medina
Texas Math and Science Coach’s Association (TMSCA)
Math and Science Team – Mr. Marley, Mrs. Moss and Mrs. Majek